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Aluminum alloy in the furniture industry has been widely used, such as aluminum alloy doors, window border profiles, aluminum alloy doors and windows hanging wheel device, aluminum alloy door and window buckle hook, aluminum alloy door and window fan frame type, aluminum alloy door and window cover, aluminum alloy door and window middle lock, aluminum alloy profile, aluminum alloy profile mold and other furniture varieties, all aluminum has become more and more favored by consumers.

Top ten advantages of Zijin all-aluminum home

1, Waterproof

By the aluminum alloy frame inlaid buckle splicing aluminum sheet, aluminum alloy profiles, Alloy accessories, buckle splicing aluminum plate are blisters do not rot materials, so aluminum alloy cabinets are provided with 50 years waterproof guarantee, can be directly washed and soaked with water

2. Fire protection

All-aluminum furniture has a strong heat resistance, the experiment proved that the ability to withstand the temperature difference of 200 ℃ does not damage. Immediately after the whole ignition is placed on it, after a long period of burning also without damage to its surface, to overcome the general plate does not stand up to burning shortcomings.

3, anti-insect

All aluminum furniture is so hard that even termites have no choice.

4, good durability

Aluminum alloy furniture molded with aluminum, after deep oxidation to meet the quality requirements of outdoor curtain wall, surface hardness of more than 10 degrees, to ensure that the product durable up to dozens of years unchanged

5, 0 Formaldehyde

Aluminum alloy furniture with aluminum alloy profile structure, process metal plug, welding and other technical processes, no need to add any adhesives, 0 formaldehyde pollution-free, are guaranteed to recover and reuse materials

6. Recyclable

Aluminum alloy frame and buckle splicing aluminum plate used in all-aluminum furniture are recyclable materials, and the residual value back value is high.

7. Strong Sealing Edge

All aluminum furniture will not appear common door slab to paste or hot composite sealing edge of the degumming off-layer problem.

8, do not deform

All aluminum furniture buckle splicing aluminum plate, aluminum alloy as skeleton, do not absorb moisture and temperature expansion coefficient is very small, so will not produce deformation.

9. Brightly colored

All aluminum furniture color diversity, crystal clear as glass-like texture makes people have a new feeling.

10, easy to clean up

All aluminum furniture can be cleaned with detergent and washing, easy to clean.