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What kind of convenience does the aluminum alloy whole house customize bring to you?

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We always say whole house all aluminum custom, but exactlyAluminum Alloy Whole House customizationWhere does it apply? And what kind of convenience will it bring you?

Modern young people pursue personalized fashion concept, furniture on the basis of practical, its art 0 of the value and aesthetic function is also increasingly prominent. As an upgraded version of the overall furniture, aluminum alloy whole House Customization personality outstanding, in the design process pay attention to the deep communication with consumers, can fully combine the consumer's living habits and aesthetic standards.

Aluminum alloy Whole House customization is based on the consumer's home, this specific space, combined with the owner's living habits, in the appropriate place to customize (independent production) of the appropriate all-aluminum furniture, these space design, furniture style are for this home and master hobby customization, other people's home and their own will hardly have the same, with personalized characteristics, In line with the owner's living habits and home furnishings needs.

Aluminum alloy Whole House customization can be used into the wall type, integral furniture and so on to make full use of space, furniture and walls into one, remove unnecessary walls, and even open or do partitions, reduce the gap between furniture and walls, but also for the future cleaning to bring a simple.

For traditional furniture, it can only give you ready-made furniture production, with the pace of market popularity to achieve development. But in fact, in the concept of aluminum alloy whole house customization, designers can according to the different needs of consumers, personal preferences to design furniture, in terms of color style, size and even style, better to win the love of consumers.

All aluminum alloy Whole House customization has the following advantages

1. Environmental protection 0 formaldehyde. Not only environmental standards, is formaldehyde content of zero. Best furniture for your family.

2. The texture is beyond imagination. The mature hand film technology surprises you. Don't you believe it? To touch

3. High strength. With cabinets that don't droop and deform for the rest of their lives.

4. Higher grade. All aluminum furniture is not the previous aluminum alloy. has become a representative of high-end furniture.

5. Waterproof and fireproof. Pelvic tide? Splash water Tide? Mildew? does not exist. Not afraid of fire.

6. Stable tone, strong wood texture, can be integrated, can be expanded, suitable for diverse needs