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What are the practicality of Zijin all-aluminum home?

Edit:Zijin All Aluminum Home CompanyUpDate:2019-02-25

Zijin All Aluminum HomeThe cost is not high, the profit is considerable, the assembly is simple, fast and efficient; All aluminum home only need to cut the material, a piece together, and then with a special corner code accessories can be assembled, simple structure, whether you have a woodworking foundation, that is, see will, low labor costs, installation work fast! Styling hundred changes, fashion and practical, composed of a variety of profiles, reasonable design, easy installation! Low cost! Profiles can be freely paired with a variety of different styles of styling wardrobe, cabinets, hanging cabinets, shoe cabinets, bathroom cabinets, display cabinets, wine cabinets, office cabinets, TV cabinets, background walls and so on!

Reasonable design, firm structure; Zijin aluminum Home profile using high-process heat transfer wood grain spraying color treatment, composed of a variety of aluminum profiles, reasonable design, easy to install! The structure design is reasonable, the layer plate indirect seam is small, the bearing gravity is high, the Assembly finished product is stable and firm, conforms to the ergonomic principle. Trend, broad prospects; The current solid wood furniture and board furniture are containing formaldehyde standard is not environmental protection, people live in this environment will be chronic poisoning, and not waterproof not moisture-proof and non-fireproof, easy to change color easy to spot easy to mold easy to deform, these determine its service life is not long, and all aluminum furniture to solve all the above problems, Therefore, the replacement of solid wood furniture and plate furniture is an inevitable trend.

Green Environmental Protection 0 formaldehyde, recyclable, guaranteed for a lifetime, innovative ideas, scientific design, reasonable structure, simple and generous, aluminum alloy structure, show value, tight and strong, beautiful and durable, strong antibacterial flavor, waterproof and moisture-proof moth. Streamlined process. Easy to install; moisture-proof, anti-corrosion easy to clean. Waterproof: The cabinet long bubble water does not rot, not moldy, never change the fire resistance: The cabinet has super heat resistance, the surface can withstand 100 degrees of high temperature. Moth-proof: The cabinet body hardness is strong, do not need to worry about cockroaches, termites attack. Collision-proof, wear-resistant: The cabinet has a strong impact strength, knife cutting non-destructive.

Zijin all aluminum home carrying deformation: cabinets do not absorb moisture, temperature expansion coefficient is small, will not produce deformation, cracking. Material environmental protection without radiation: The cabinet does not contain radiation, 0 formaldehyde, non-toxic pollution-free environmental protection coefficient is high. Easy to clean: no odor: The cabinet can be washed directly with detergent, easy to clean. High durability: The cabinet ensures durability and practicality. Streamlined process: Easy to install: Cabinet structure design process is simple, installation and maintenance is more convenient. Rich color, fashionable: cabinets break through the traditional use of all aluminum alloy, can be freely combined with.