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Do you know how much good aluminum alloy home customization can bring?

Edit:Zijin All Aluminum Home CompanyUpDate:2019-02-23

Today's deteriorating ecological environment, air quality has become a major threat to people's health. A large number of shocking facts have proved that indoor air pollution caused by construction, decoration and furniture has become a "stealth killer" that endangers human health.

Do you know? Leukemia, lung cancer, baby deformities ... More and more of these shocking words are linked to "decoration pollution." Renovated less than half a year to stay, the prevalence of leukemia increased by 4.76 times times.

Farewell to the era of solid wood, we ushered in the wood-based panel, as the saying goes good choice of plate, also (control indoor formaldehyde content) successfully half. What materials can be used without glue, waterproof and fireproof, affordable? In response to the needs of the times, timely appearance of aluminum alloy materials has become everyone's preferred choice.

So, what isAluminum Alloy Whole House customizationWhat about it?

is made of all aluminum alloy, wardrobe cabinet body, laminates are all aluminum alloy production.

is the aluminum alloy made of wood grain surface, this surface will never fall off, discoloration, no taste, and waterproof, direct water wipe are not related.

8 Benefits of Alloy whole house customization

Formaldehyde free, aluminum alloy whole house customization all with aluminum alloy profile processing, the real 0 formaldehyde 0 pollution;

Does not contain paint, aluminum alloy whole house custom surface using advanced wood grain transfer technology, do not paint, not only has solid wood tattoo and aesthetic sense, and does not fade not easy to scratch;

Not afraid of water is not afraid of the tide, aluminum alloy whole house customization can be directly rinsed with water and clean, do not rot not moldy, to ensure the durability of the product, the use of 50 years;

No deformation, aluminum alloy profile has a strong impact resistance, can withstand 100 kg of weight;

No cracking, high strength of aluminum alloy profile, wall thickness of 1.2, no moisture absorption and temperature expansion coefficient is very small, will not produce cracking;

Not afraid of fire, aluminum alloy whole house customization is very strong heat-resistant flame retardant properties, the test shows that the ability to withstand the temperature difference of 200 ℃ does not damage;

Not afraid of insects, aluminum alloy whole house customization hard incomparable, not afraid of any insect rats, even termites have nothing to do.

Do not waste, aluminum alloy whole House Customization not only has an extremely long service life, reduce the cost of use, but also has the value of re-use, each household is used by the family is to the contribution of environmental protection and nature of the love of the person

All aluminum home really achieve zero formaldehyde, 0 pollution, to achieve unlimited recycling. To provide you with a green home environment.