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What are the custom materials and manufacturing processes for aluminum alloy wine cabinets?

Edit:Zijin All Aluminum Home CompanyUpDate:2019-02-23

Aluminum alloy wine cabinets for consumers, there are many people do not understand the aluminum alloy wine cabinet custom materials, what is his manufacturing process? Here's a look at you and understand.Aluminum Alloy Wine Cabinet CustomizationWhat is the material and manufacturing process he applies to:

Aluminum Alloy Wine Cabinet Customization is a new type of furniture products made by using new data technology, with the domestic pollution of traditional furniture enterprises, as well as the improvement of consumer environmental protection requests and the improvement of custom recognition of aluminum alloy wine cabinets, Aluminum alloy wine cabinet customization with its unique advantages gradually become a hot spot in the furniture market and the new darling of consumers.


All aluminum cabinet furniture is very environmentally friendly, and the use of wood-based panel materials for the original data manufacturing furniture are containing chemical adhesives, pure solid wood furniture appearance and do multi-layer paint disposal, and adhesives and paints will contain benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, these harmful substances over a long period of release on the human body is extremely harmful, Aluminum Alloy Wine cabinet Customization is the true sense of 0 formaldehyde 0 contaminated furniture, rather than according to benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances release to reach the industry rules of the E0 level.

Due to the characteristics of aluminum itself, waterproof and moisture-proof moth, and high temperature resistance flame retardant, used as a cabinet safety coefficient, its strength related to wood is much larger, so this kind of furniture will not have wood cracking deformation and other problems, can adapt to a variety of ambient temperature, will not heat up cold shrinkage. Wooden furniture often has some appearance scraping, wood drop and other problems, and aluminum alloy wine cabinet customization has a durable, non-deformation characteristics.

The advantages of custom cabinets for aluminum alloy wine cabinets are simply:

1, environmental protection of the real 0 formaldehyde 0 pollution,

2, superior performance waterproof and moisture-proof anti-corrosion fire moth,

3, the construction of a strong function of a variety of applications life is very long,

The details are somewhat as follows

1, does not contain formaldehyde, aluminum alloy wine cabinet customization all with aluminum alloy profile processing, the real 0 formaldehyde 0 pollution;

2, does not contain paint, aluminum alloy wine cabinet custom appearance using advanced wood grain transfer technology, do not paint, not only has solid wood tattoo and aesthetic sense, and do not fade is not easy to scratch;

3, not afraid of water not afraid of the tide, aluminum alloy wine cabinet customization can be directly rinse with water and clean, not decadent not moldy, to ensure the durability of the product, the use of 50 years;

4, do not deform, aluminum alloy profiles have a strong impact resistance, can accept 100 kg of weight;

5, do not crack, aluminum alloy profile strength is high, wall thickness 1.2, do not absorb moisture and temperature shrinkage coefficient is very small, will not produce cracking;

6, not afraid of fire, aluminum alloy wine cabinet Customization is very strong heat-resistant flame retardant properties, the experiment indicated that the ability to withstand the temperature difference of 200 ℃ does not destroy;

7, not afraid of insects, aluminum alloy wine cabinets custom hard incomparable, not afraid of any insect rats, even termites can not be.

8, do not waste money, aluminum alloy wine cabinet customization is not only super long service life, reduce the use of capital, but also has the application of preservation, each household use of the family is the dedication of environmental protection and the protector of nature!

Aluminum Alloy Wine cabinet Customization is aluminum alloy this ankang environmental protection of metal materials, can be repeated use, and there will be no home in the formaldehyde exceeding the problem. In addition, even if eliminated, aluminum alloy wine cabinet customization will not form a resource for the social environment to waste money and destroy the ecological environment.