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What are the advantages of aluminum alloy hanging cabinets

Edit:Zijin All Aluminum Home CompanyUpDate:2019-02-23

        Aluminum Alloy Hanging CabinetsThe presentation is undoubtedly a new change during the home category. Not only has 0 formaldehyde, non-benzene, non-toxic, radiation-free, pollution-free, repeatable takeover and other advantages, more importantly, its surface elegant, and durable. Seemingly abbreviated aluminum alloy profiles are really a mystery. The wood grain skills of the forefathers, not only let the aluminum alloy plate with solid wood texture and beauty, and wear-resistant coefficient higher than the wood plate.

Aluminum alloy hanging cabinet concise fluency, appearance elegant, brilliant lines, and there are white oak, yellow pear, gold sandalwood, skin white, Mediterranean blue, Phantom Night black and other colors and marble, aluminum alloy doors and windows and other data connection perfect, elegant and rich, for the quiet bedroom situation excellence.

Aluminum alloy hanger Waterproof, moisture-proof and has a good impregnation stripping function, completely free from the troubles of traditional furniture. This makes you not only worry about cracking, moisture, deformation and other problems, you can also repeat the use of detergent and water washing, is the present impregnation stripping function of a better product.

Truly sturdy and durable plate, the strength is more than 4 times times the wood plate, and the component is only 60% of the wood plate, the use period can be up to 50 years. Receiving takeover apps can also bring 1/3 of the benefits of taking over, which is a must-have option for you to shop for furniture.

What are the advantages of aluminum alloy hanger?

1. Green environmental protection, away from formaldehyde. Non-traditional plate materials, made of all aluminum alloy, healthy and environmentally friendly.

2. Fireproof and waterproof, moth-proof. All aluminum hanger is very hard, aluminum alloy material performance indicators are in line with the requirements, can prevent termite erosion.

3. Rugged and long service life. All aluminum hanger surface knife cut non-destructive, after oxidation to meet the quality requirements of outdoor curtain wall.

4. Impact resistance, no deformation. Has a good impact resistance, in the case of external forces deformation is small.

5. Easy to clean, no odor. All aluminum hoist can be washed directly with detergent, easy to clean, and will not smell.

6. Stable performance, no deformation. Aluminum alloy material properties are very stable, with anti-corrosion and other characteristics, in the humid environment also no mildew, no deformation.

7. Good soundproofing and heat insulation performance. All aluminum material because the air layer between the two layers of the panel is separated by the aluminum honeycomb core into many closed pores, so that the propagation of sound waves and heat is greatly limited, so it has a good sound insulation, thermal insulation performance.

8. Streamline the process and install quickly. Installation is fast and convenient, save time, 3 masters can produce more than 10 sets per day.

9. Wood grain treatment, show taste. Aluminum wood grain using vacuum transfer printing, a variety of colors, texture clear and lifelike, fashionable and generous style, not only has the same real visual sense of solid wood, but also has to surpass the solid wood surface touch.

10. Recyclable, recycled. can achieve recycling, easy disassembly and removal, with the heart to take away, recycling value is high, no longer have to worry about the expensive cost of changing furniture.