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Advantages of all-aluminum alloy whole House customization

Edit:Zijin All Aluminum Home CompanyUpDate:2019-02-23

All aluminum home is very in line with the current pursuit of life, with the changes of the times, the importance of environmental protection, more and more people love all-aluminum home customization.

All aluminum home to aluminum alloy as raw materials, aluminum alloy metal properties determine it away from formaldehyde; second, the wholeAluminum Alloy Whole House customizationIn the process of splicing assembly, do not add adhesives and other chemicals containing formaldehyde. Obviously, all aluminum home without formaldehyde pollution problems, long-term use of all-aluminum home will not be harmful to physical health. All aluminum Home Direct hit the consumer pain point, from the source to completely solve the safety of formaldehyde trouble, for every consumer's healthy quality of life escort

There may be a few people on the harm of formaldehyde, what is formaldehyde, formaldehyde is generally included in the traditional granular composite plate furniture used for bonding splicing adhesives, where the use of more adhesives, where formaldehyde release is large, granular composite plate furniture difficult to avoid the problem. Therefore, to want a healthy home life, preference for all-aluminum home without formaldehyde pollution.

All aluminum alloy Whole house customization in the space utilization aspect, is many times higher than the category furniture. Because the whole aluminum alloy whole house customization is the exclusive one-to-one design, so the owner's home situation assessment is more accurate, can make good use of every place in the home, there will be no space waste phenomenon.

And that is undoubtedly the biggest benefit for today's small families. In the premise of not much space, every more use of a little, are earned.

All aluminum alloy home customization so that consumers spend about the same amount of money, but can get more quality experience, all aluminum alloy whole house customization and other types of home furnishings compared to the advantages are too much, so say, all aluminum alloy whole House customization is really not expensive!