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Aluminum alloy Whole House customization to create fashion home decoration

Edit:Zijin All Aluminum Home CompanyUpDate:2019-02-25

With the change of home furnishings market demand, more and more home furnishings products have changed the way of development ideas, but in the market to win the products are few and far between.Aluminum Alloy Whole House customizationWith high-quality product services, for consumers to bring a healthy body, comfortable life, comfortable life, access to market recognition. All-aluminum alloy whole house customization is a new type of home with the development of modern industrial science and technology. At the beginning of the use of aluminum alloy made of home, only because it is easy to clean, of course, it is similar to the strength of steel is also one of the reasons for being favored.


At present, most of the furniture on the market is used in the layout of home production technology and raw materials, can not fundamentally abandon formaldehyde pollution. However, aluminum alloy whole house customization combined with innovation "aluminum wood" health and environmental protection concept and superb casting technology but to achieve a real stay away from formaldehyde, where all the all aluminum alloy All-house custom furniture is made of all aluminum alloy, no need to add any adhesives, no need for corner code connection, and any material containing formaldehyde, quite green environmental protection.


Aluminum alloy Whole House customization using all-aluminum home industrial aluminum profile structure, all 0 formaldehyde, are guaranteed to recover and reuse materials. With the development of social economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the problem of housing decoration pollution is becoming more and more serious. Decoration of the use of non-conforming materials such as plates, coatings, paints and other pollutants containing formaldehyde, resulting in indoor air pollution, seriously affecting the health of residents. Under different decoration materials and different decoration time, the content of formaldehyde in indoor contaminants is completely different. Traditional home not only pollutes the home environment, but also endangers the health of family members.

Zijin All-aluminum alloy whole House customization has a professional design team, is committed to aluminum alloy whole house custom style design, so that the aluminum alloy whole house custom furniture is not only colorful, in the surface treatment is also colourful, easy to solve the wood furniture brought about by the single color problem, but also according to the needs of consumers to design the corresponding all-aluminum home style. Zijin all aluminum furniture with industrial aluminum profiles, cabinets can be washed directly with detergent easy to clean without odor. Coupled with the hardness of the all-aluminum furniture cabinet, users do not have to worry about the kowtow of the home or the erosion of insect ants.