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Aluminum alloy cabinets can be used for 10 years, do you believe?

Edit:Zijin All Aluminum Home CompanyUpDate:2019-02-23

Aluminum Alloy CabinetsIt has a very long service life, let's take a look at the life of aluminum alloy cabinets, Zijin all aluminum furniture manufacturers to answer for you.


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As we all know, wood regeneration capacity is limited, China's sustainable development strategy explicitly prohibits the overexploitation of wood resources, which also makes China a major importer of timber, imports are rising every year. China is rich in aluminum resources and is a large producer of aluminum. With the continuous expansion of market demand, all aluminum cabinets gradually into the public eye.


First, the advantages of aluminum alloy cabinets

1, environmental protection

Environmental problems have become a common and important issue of concern in today's society. Cabinets and other home industries, environmental indicators mainly refer to the furniture board formaldehyde release, human formaldehyde is very dangerous, formaldehyde on human skin, conjunctiva, respiratory mucosa and other stimulating effect is too large, causing respiratory disease and so on. Traditional wooden cabinets due to its processing technology in the inevitable addition of a variety of adhesives, does not meet the environmental requirements of consumers.

All aluminum alloy cabinets are aluminum raw materials, is one of the metal elements contained in the Earth's crust, the factory for processing without any adhesives and non-formaldehyde materials, so that all aluminum formaldehyde cabinets.


2, Firm

The cabinet composed of aluminum alloy profiles, bending strength, grip indication force, combined strength is more than 4 times times the quality of the plank, the quality of only 60% of the board, the service life of up to 50 years.


3, aluminum alloy cabinets heat-resistant, waterproof

Real Plank price is higher, texture is better, waterproof performance and fire performance is poor, and aluminum has a strong heat resistance, the surface can withstand 100 degrees of high temperature, completely solve the problem of wood furniture rupture and other problems, adapt to the environment, whether it is cabinets, TV cabinets or wardrobes are not easy to deform, moisture absorption performance lasting, temperature expansion coefficient is small, Fireproof and waterproof, with long-term blisters bad advantages.


4, aluminum alloy cabinets easy to clean

All aluminum alloy cabinets can be cleaned repeatedly with detergents and water, with excellent impregnation properties, easy to clean care, cabinets are very hard, do not worry about cockroaches, termites invasion.


5, beautiful

Traditional wood furniture processing procedures cumbersome, monochrome is also easy to damage the problem, the use of time for a long time there are scratches, a large number of wood paint shedding, etc., greatly affect the appearance of furniture. Aluminum Alloy furniture processing is simple, the use of advanced wood grain transfer technology, not only aluminum and solid wood lines beautiful, but also more wear resistance than planks, easy to meet daily use.


6, use of gender

All aluminum cabinet production technology and equipment requirements are not high, disassembly and installation is convenient, high material recovery value, can achieve unlimited recycling, protect the environment, alleviate the shortage of solid wood resources status quo.