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How to choose aluminum alloy bathroom cabinet customization

Edit:Zijin All Aluminum Home CompanyUpDate:2019-02-25

Speaking of aluminum alloy doors and windows are familiar to everyone, but to say that aluminum furniture life is still rare. With the popularization of environmental protection and the improvement of science and technology, many industries have gradually changed to "green", unowned contact furniture is made of natural plates, these materials not only waste trees, more importantly, the chemical composition added to the data on the air environment purification and damage to the human body can not be prevented.Aluminum Alloy Bathroom cabinet customizationIt is indeed a lot of advantages, based on these advantages, aluminum alloy This information has long been widely used in life, aluminum alloy bathroom cabinet customization is one of them, in recent years, many high-tech products have played a new trick, into a "high rich handsome" representative

Now bathroom cabinets are home bathroom decoration is the most common sanitary ware supplies, that choice of a suitable bathroom cabinet is also a lot of families to break the matter, we all know that the traditional wooden furniture, wooden bathroom cabinets in the past are very hot, very popular with every home decoration, or almost every family will have important furniture, but, Have you found out why it's not on fire now? In recent years more popular all-aluminum furniture, aluminum alloy bathroom cabinet customization? Many wooden bathroom cabinets are more expensive than custom-made aluminum bathroom cabinets? Why does the big home now start to buy more expensive aluminum alloy bathroom cabinets to customize without it?


Perhaps you are still wondering, let Zijin all aluminum furniture for you to solve this unimaginable problem!

Traditional bathroom cabinets exist formaldehyde, "formaldehyde" simply said, is a colorless tasteless toxic chemical composition, the human eye is not to see the membrane is not harmful to the body of the toxin, this is after professional scientists proved to know, let a lot of people unexpectedly surprised Ah, and then, after the reform of industrial enterprises, all aluminum furniture, Aluminum alloy bathroom cabinet customization and so on changed 0 formaldehyde environmental protection and healthy furniture, therefore, by a lot of people's attention, is why in recent years aluminum alloy bathroom cabinets Customization Why so many people use the reason.

In addition to it, aluminum alloy bathroom cabinet customization is based on aluminum as a substrate, added copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc and other elements of the synthesis of materials made of bathroom cabinets. Has the same strength and hardness as steel, but the weight is lighter than steel. Corrosion resistance, waterproof, wear-resistant, etc., material environmental protection, durable products!