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Kim Yo-mu All Aluminum cabinets
Kim Yo-mu All Aluminum cabinets

Aluminum Alloy Cabinets: Innate elegance, encounter the exquisite production process, simple and not lose the expensive, show the master's exquisite life attitude and taste.

All aluminum cabinets: raw materials using space aluminum environmental protection aluminum alloy materials and titanium alloy together are widely used in the manufacture of aviation equipment and other high-tech fields. The installation process is free of glue, greatly reduce formaldehyde and other harmful substances produced.

All aluminum cabinets: is made of aluminum alloy profile structure, with aluminum alloy metal characteristics, not afraid of water not afraid of moisture, can be directly rinsed with water and clean, never rot.

All aluminum cabinets: can be used 30-50 years long, in the normal conditions of use, do not deform, do not absorb moisture and temperature expansion coefficient is very small, so will not produce deformation. Surface hardness up to 10 degrees Webster, to ensure that the product is durable. Surface heat transfer process, do not blister, not moldy do not rot.